Gum Stimulator

For preserving oral health just brushing on daily basis is not enough. To maintain your gums in good health and remove undesirable plaque you can use gum stimulators. They are simple to use and can also be used on regular basis. Typically, this dental device is used by people who display symptoms of developing gum disease in an effort to slow the development of it.

Gum Butler G-U-M Gum Stimulator

gum stimulatorThis professionally designed gum stimulator promotes firm and healthy gums.

The rubber tip provides interdental cleaning and gingival massage. The tip is latex-free and the angled slender neck allows better control.





The Doctor’s DentalMate Vibrating Gum Massager

The Doctor’s DentalMate Vibrating Gum MassagerThis vibrating gum massager provides extra enhancing blood flow and gum circulation of the gums.

The angled head makes it easier to reach both inner and outer gum line. The tip on this stimulator is also latex free. It works on AAA batteries.




This instrument usually consists of two parts, the head and handle. The handle is normally made of metal or plastic. It can have a rounded or curved form to make it easier for the user to hold. At the end of this handle it usually has a small head tip that’s made of rubber. On some models the head might have an angle of about 45 degrees. On others the angle can be smaller.
Before using a gum stimulator you need to brush your teeth and do dental flossing. Then take the it and work it around the gum line in a circle movement in order to increase circulation and stimulate this tissue. Before moving on to the next tooth work the rubber tip deep into the gum pockets. In order to achieve good results of gum hygiene, you should work in the same manner on both lower and upper gums, as well as the front and back sides of the teeth.
While you work on your gums with the stimulator, you should frequently rinse your mouth during the process. The water will remove and rinse off any plaque that was loosened by the gum stimulator. If you have any sensitive gums, work around them carefully. If any bleeding occurs you should stop the massaging and gently carry out periodontal rubbing, and after rinse your mouth with hydrogen peroxide.
Gum stimulators are recommended by the dentists to individuals who start showing gum disease symptoms. However, this product is also a good tool for maintaining good healthy gums to prevent this disease.

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