Oral B vs Sonicare Electric Toothbrush (2016 Comparison)

There has been many clinical trials that showed that electric toothbrushes are more effective at providing more thorough cleaning than a standard manual brush. So it’s not difficult to choose a powered toothbrush over a manual, as it brings more benefits. However, with many brands manufacturing electric toothbrushes, it can be difficult to choose the best. The leaders and the most two popular brands are Sonicare and Oral B and they are at the top for a good reason. But how does Oral b vs Sonicare compare?

They have both been proven to give positive and effective results of plaque removal and in the fight against gingivitis. But which one is better? Oral B or Sonicare? Read on to know more about their technologies and how they work, so you could choose which brand, Sonicare or Oral B, best meets your needs.

Both brands achieve their great cleaning results using their unique technologies. Electric toothbrushes of these brands feature different bristle movements. For which Sonicare uses the sonic technology and Oral B uses 3D technology.

Oral-B 7000 VS Sonicare DiamondClean

philips sonicare
  • Philips Sonicare HX9332/05 DiamondClean
  • 4.4 Customer rating
  • Modes: 5
  • Price: $$$$
oral b
  • Oral-B Precision Black 7000
  • 4.4 Customer rating
  • Modes: 6
  • Price: $$$

Oral B Technology

oral b or sonicare 2

Most of the Oral B powered brushes use the created by the brand 3D technology. Over 2 decades ago Oral B created their first electric toothbrush technology with its rotation movement. Then they added the oscillating. The combination of these two movements is still used on many Oral B products. With this technology the brush head makes movements back and forth from 2 to 10 o’clock position. As you go from tooth to tooth while the brush is in operation, it disrupts the plaque.

In one of the newer models, Oral B 7000, they added the pulsating movement and took the cleaning action one step farther. This 3D action adds a movement of 0.5 mm in and out from the back to the front of the brush.

The high speeds of the movements make the cleaning more effective as was proven by the studies. On Oral B 7000, for example, the head pulsates 40,000 times per minute and oscillates 8,000 times per minute. With all this it removes plaque from all parts of the mouth, even from tough to reach areas.


Sonicare Technology

oral b vs sonicare which is betterThis brand uses sonic technology, which features vibrating movements of the brush head. It also provides deep cleaning, even in the deepest crevices. This is the Sonicare’s patented technology.

The brush head in operation achieves 31,000 vibrations per minute that works in combination with a sweeping motion. The sonic technology was clinically proven to effectively eliminate bio-film and dislodge plaque.


Oral B vs Sonicare Technology

Both Brands make powerful electric toothbrushes, each using its own unique technology. Though powerful, their toothbrushes are not hard on the teeth and provide gentle cleaning. The studies have shown that they remove plaque under the gum line and deep between the teeth.

The studies that examined the long-term use of these two brushes showed that they both almost equally improve periodontal health. However, one of the studies that compared Sonicare vs Oral B electric toothbrushes has shown that Sonicare gives better results at reducing gingival inflammation as well as probing depth, although the results of Oral B were also close behind in level of the results.

Brush Heads

In the brush heads comparison of Braun Oral B versus Philips Sonicare, Oral B has greater strength, as they have a bigger variety. Oral B offers a wider choice for different preferences and individual oral care needs. With the wide variety it’s ensured that you can find the perfect one for yourself. Their benefit is also in that they are all interchangeable and compatible with most of the Oral B electric toothbrushes. Some of them include FlossAction, White, Deep Sweep, Ortho and others.

Sonicare, on the other hand, usually offers specific brush heads for a certain electric toothbrush.

On any toothbrush of both brands the brush head replacement should be done every 3 months.

Noise and Feel

In the noise department, Sonicare toothbrushes have the advantage. They usually produce lower noise levels when you are brushing your teeth. Oral B toothbrushes, on the other hand, seem to be more jittery when in operation, and some users have commented that the noise sometimes does not reach that level where it becomes irritating.

As for the feel, there are a few points that might Oral B seem like a better option. However, not everyone might find these features necessary. First of all, some of the more advanced Oral B models come with a smartguide included in the package. A lot of people can benefit from the features offered by this SmartGuide, such as the pressure sensor indicator. You will definitely benefit from it if you often tend to brush your teeth with too much pressure. The sensor will control how much pressure you apply each time you brush your teeth and if you start brushing too hard, it will at once let you know.

Another feature that a lot of users like is the timer. Unlike on Sonicare toothbrushes which also include a timer but that only beeps every 30 seconds for each quadrant, on Oral B devices you can view the timer on the SmartGuide. So for each tooth brushing session you can be sure that you have done it for the recommended 2 minutes. So if you tend to regularly rush through your brushing routine, this will be an invaluable feature for you.

Modes, Charge and Accessories

We have compared the modes and main features of these two brands on their best models: the Oral B 7000 and Sonicare DiamondClean.

Sonicare DiamondClean

Sonicare DiamondClean

Sonicare DiamondClean comes equipped with 5 modes: clean, white, polish, sensitive and gum care.

Features 2 timers that will keep you on track with the recommended time. One is for 2 minutes and the other is 30 seconds while you brush each quadrant.

It comes with a unique charger. It charges in a glass standing on a multi-voltage base, using conduction technology.

Includes a travel that can also be used for USB charging. Also in the box comes 2 standard brush heads.


Oral B 7000

Oral B 7000

The modes Oral B 7000 uses are: Daily Clean, Deep Clean, Tongue Cleaner, White, Massage and Sensitive. With more modes it provides more personalized cleaning.

It also comes with different timers. There’re 2 and 3 (Deep Clean mode) minute timers and 30 and 45 seconds (Deep Clean Mode) timers.

The Oral B advantage of this unit compared to DiamondClean is the included SmartGuide that features the timers and the useful pressure sensor that will make sure that you don’t hurt your teeth and gums while brushing.

Includes a travel case and a charger. Comes with 3 brush heads: Sensitive, ProWhite and FlossAction.


So Which is Better, Sonicare or Oral B?

There’re many different brands on the market that offer electric toothbrushes, but Sonicare and Oral B definitely stand out and they have been at the forefront of the market for many years. So who makes the best electric toothbrush? Who has the advantage in the Oral B vs Sonicare comparison. Each brand uses its own technology that comes with its benefits. Clinical studies have shown positive results of these toothbrushes over the long-term use. Many dentists recommend their patients these toothbrushes.

Both show far superior results to manual brushing. They are both effective at fighting periodontal disease and they both equip useful features to make the brushing more effective.

Each brand has its own unique features and offers different design of their toothbrushes. So they’re similarly effective and which one is better, Oral B or Sonicare, is more of a personal preference. They both have outstanding reputation with high quality products. To understand better which toothbrush would best suit your needs you can read our other reviews.

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