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Pros: medium-priced, Floss Action head, real-time brushing feedback with the SmartGuide, 5 modes that for personal oral health needs

Product Specifications

Oral-B electric toothbrushes are highly recommended by dentists. One of the best among in the Oral-B’s electric toothbrush line is the Oral-B Professional Care 5000. Read our Oral B 5000 review below to see what’s so special about this toothbrush.

oral b 5000 review

Cleaning Technology

Oral B 5000 electric toothbrush is designed to remove more plaque than the toothbrush that use sonic technology. It also makes more than sonic technology brush movements, per minute making 40,000 pulsations and 8,800 oscillations. This cleans the mouth more effectively.

Brushing Modes

oral b 5000 review

There’re five modes that can be used with this toothbrush. For general thorough mouth cleaning it features the Daily Clean and Deep Clean. These two modes operate the unit at the same speed, the difference is in the time interval of the timer. The Deep Clean mode features a timer for 45-seconds of brushing on each quadrant, with the result of 3 minutes of total brushing time. The Daily Clean mode has the standard timer with 30 seconds intervals for each quadrant. The total brushing time of this seconds mode is 2 minutes.

For people with sensitive gums there’s the sensitive mode that operates with gentle brushing.

The fourth massage mode works with a pulsating speed, which gives a massaging effect for the tissue of the gum.

To remove stains and whiten your teeth, the brush features the Whitening mode. Alternating between speeds, it polishes the surface of the teeth.

Wireless SmartGuide

oral b 5000 review

For your convenience and to help you brush your teeth as recommended by dentists, this electric toothbrush comes with a wireless SmartGuide. This unique feature of Oral B Precision 5000 gives you real-time guidance. It features the timers for quadrants and a pressure sensor. The quadrant timers work for 30 seconds (or 45 for Deep Clean). The pressure sensor alerts you by lighting up, if you apply too much pressure with the brush on your teeth. It’s important, as brushing too hard can harm your teeth and the will wear out the bristles too quickly.


The Brush Head

The toothbrush comes with a Floss Action brush head, as flossing is important and should not be neglected. With this toothbrush it’s an easy and effective way to floss and remove more plaque in between the teeth. You can also use the Oral B 5000 with other Oral B brush heads. For different oral health needs Oral B Precision has different brush heads, such as Ortho, Sensitive Clean, Dual power and others.


oral b 5000 reviewOral B 5000 comes with a portable charging station, which also features a stand for the brush head refills. The refill stand is very handy if you have a family, so there’s place to store everyone’s brush head. One full charge of Oral B Precision 5000 can last up to 10 days with twice a day brushing. On the handle there’s a display that shows the toothbrush’s charge level.

Teeth Whitening

With the whitening mode of Oral B Professional 5000 you achieve a brighter smile within weeks. The aim of this mode is to remove any stains you have on the surface of your teeth. Using the whitening mode just once a day, you will soon start seeing visible improvements.

The Oral B 5000 package includes:

The handle, Floss Action head, travel case, portable charge station, refill stand and the smartguide.


Oral B 5000 electric toothbrush is one of the good options by the popular brand Oral B. It’s got a lot of nice and useful features that provide optimal cleaning of the teeth. It’s got a powerful technology, the work of which results in less plaque and less stains on the teeth. Its best features include the smartguide that will guide you for proper brushing, the timers, and the 5 modes, as many of us have different oral health needs.

Using this brush you can have your teeth in a tiptop condition with a brighter and healthier smile. If you would like to read Oral B Precision 5000 review by real users, click here.



Oral B 5000 Professional Deep Sweep + Smart Guide Triaction

Oral-B has several other 5000 models available. One of them is the Oral B Professional Deep Sweep + Smart Guide Triaction. This toothbrush has mostly all the same features as the previous Oral B 5000 brush. It also comes with the Smart Guide, features triple action cleaning and 5 modes. The difference is in the brush heads. This model includes two brush heads in the package. One of them is Deep Sweep and the other is Sensitive.



Oral B 5000 Professional Care Ortho

oral b 5000 review 1

One more model of Oral B 5000 is the Professional Care Ortho Patient Kit. This electric toothbrush is ideal for brushing the teeth with braces and other. Again, all the main features are the same. The difference of this model is also in the brush heads. This Oral B Professional 5000 includes 4 brush heads. Two of them are Ortho replacement heads, and the other two are power tip brush heads.


New Version: Oral B Pro 5000 Electric Toothbrush

The new version of the Oral B 5000 electric toothbrush comes with a bluetooth connectivity feature. So you can connect the toothbrush with your smartphone and get real-time feedback. You can download the Oral-B app and receive guidance, which can also be adjusted by a dental professional. So as you clean, you can improve your brushing habits.


Oral B is a well recommended brand and the Oral B Professional 5000 toothbrush is one of their best electric brushes. We hope that reading our Oral b 5000 review has been helpful to you. You can also check our article on the best models available of Oral B electric toothbrushes.