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Pros: Perfect for those who have braces, implants, bridges. Comes with a tip for specific use on braces. Good for those who have receding or bleeding gums. Easy to use.

Many people nowadays are either not aware of the importance or consider flossing a too tedious and time consuming task so they skip it. Howevere, flossing is an essential part of maintaining oral health hygiene. One of the products that made this task easier and more effective is the water flosser. Waterpik is a popular brand that has a wide range of water flossers among other oral care products. One of its best water flossers is this Ultra Water Flosser, also known as WP-100. To let you know more about its specifications, benefits and drawback, we have prepared this Waterpik Ultra water flosser review.

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How Does It Work?

Regularly cleaning teeth ensures a beautiful smile. Brushing teeth removes plaque, thus preventing gum disease and tooth decay, as well as bad breath. Interdental cleaning is just as important and Waterpik Ultra flosser is a great product for that. A jet of water that flows through the Waterpik tube cleans the spaces between the teeth. Waterpik water flossers are ideal for those who wear braces, implants or periodontal pockets. The pressured water can even remove plaque between the teeth left by dental implants.

It comes with a high-volume reservoir. It’s covered with a lid, which also has an in-built storage for flossing tips.

Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser review

Pressure Settings

Some of us can have different oral care needs and for that reason Waterpik Ultra offers more versatility with its 10 water pressures. This makes it easy to find the setting that will work perfect for you. The personalized settings feature between 10 to 90 PSI and 1400 pulses per minute. So you have optimal control to keep your gums healthy. So whether you prefer deep cleansing between the teeth or a more gentle water pressure, you can easily adjust the settings to the level you like.

It also has a pause button on the handle, so you can stop the water flow whenever you need to. This is good for when you’re trying to remove it from your mouth or changing from upper teeth to bottom ones. This prevents from making a mess and getting the water everywhere.


Water Flosser Tips

Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser review

Waterpik Ultra includes in the package 6 tips that are color coded to make them personalized. This is really convenient when you have more than one person in your household using this unit. Waterpik also has different tips for a variety of oral care needs.

Among the included 6 tips there’re 2 classic jet tips (for general flossing), a plaque seeker tip (except the general flossing, this tip also removes plaque from hard to reach areas; it’s also ideal for using on implants, bridges and crowns), Orthodontic tip (perfect for people with orthodontic appliances such as braces, as it more effectively than string floss removes plaque around them), pik pocket tip (perfect for those with sensitive gums or periodontal pockets, as it is made of soft rubber and it applies only low pressure) and toothbrush tip (combines brushing and flossing at the same time).

Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser review

Benefits of Using Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser

  • Easier to use and takes less time than traditional manual flossing.
  • It’s perfect for people with braces. With a manual floss or toothbrush it’s difficult to get around the braces, bridges or implants, but the water pressure of the Waterpik does it with a breeze. You can also use the tip specifically designed for flossing teeth with braces.
    • Waterpik water flosser is a good alternative to manual flossing for those who have receding or bleeding gums. These gum diseases as well as periodontal pockets can be prevented with the use of water flossing. When there’re spaces left string floss can not work as effectively. In this cases use the pik pocket tip. It gently rinses below the gumline and can access 90% of 6mm pocket, which was clinically proven.
  • Another useful feature of this unit is the nozzle swivel. This makes it easier to maneuver the flosser to difficult to reach areas without having to turn your hand and arm around in order to get to those places. The nozzle is attached to a swivel, so you can just turn it with your finger to get it to all the different places.



  • One of them is that the unit is a bit loud but it’s quieter than the previous Waterpik models.
  • The pause button does stop the water flow but you need to continuously hold it down for the desired time.
  • The cord length is not that generous. When using it you’ll have to place the device next to the sink.

Tips for Using Waterpik Ultra

For first time use it’s recommended to start with the lowest first setting and then increase the pressure with time as you get used to it. Also using lukewarm water is more comfortable.


Overall Waterpik Ultra is one of the most impressive ways to floss. It’s also an easier way to floss and people who have braces could really benefit from it. It’s got a high rating of 4.4 on amazon and almost 6000 reviews, which shows that this is a good quality and effective product. This product is top of the line and definitely worth taking a look. We hope that in our Waterpik Ultra water flosser review you have founded the needed information. To check reviews of other Waterpik products, visit the article here.