Best Water Flosser Reviews 2016 – Ultimate Guide

Water flossers, also known as oral irrigators, have made the task of flossing much easier and more efficient. Most of us know that flossing is essential for clean teeth, however we still tend to skip it during our teeth brushing routine. A water flosser is a great solution for those for who traditional flossing is a major chore. Especially the people who wear braces can benefit from the use of them. Water flossing is simple and easy and won’t make you any bloody gums. With water pressure power the flosser reaches in between teeth and removes plaque.

To help you find the best water flosser we have compared different products available on the market. We have found the best products in the industry based on their effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Water flosser comparison chart and reviews below.

  • Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser
  • 4.4 Customer rating
  • Tips: 6
  • Settings: 10
  • Price: $$
best water flosser
  • ToiletTree 2nd Generation Oral Irrigator
  • 4.3 Customer rating
  • Tips: 2
  • Settings: 3
  • Price: $
  • Waterpik WP-660 Aquarius Professional Water Flosser
  • 4.4 Customer rating
  • Tips: 7
  • Settings: 10
  • Price: $$
  • Panasonic Oral Irrigator EW-DJ10-A
  • 4.2 Customer rating
  • Tips: 1
  • Settings: 2
  • Price: $

Best Water Flosser Reviews

Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser – Clean and Healthy Teeth and Perfect for Braces

best water flosser

Waterpik is the most popular water flosser on the market and it really is a great tool. It can be used by anyone, and it’s also the best water flosser for braces, implants, bridges, crowns or periodontal pockets.

You can choose different settings of the flosser, adjusting it to your needs. It offers 10 settings for optimal control.

Waterpik is the only brand whose water flossers have been clinically proven to be up to 50% more efficient than traditional flossing.

Waterpik water flosser cleans deep below the gum line and between teeth, and at the same time massages and stimulates the gums. Regular use of this flosser can improve the health of your gums in just 14 days.

The water flosser comes with a wide selection of accessories, such as 6 tips, and a storage box for them. Most of the users’ oral irrigator reviews have good feedback, highly praising its efficiency at cleaning the mouth.


ToiletTree 2nd Generation Oral Irrigator

ToiletTree 2nd Generation Oral Irrigator

This is the new version of the previous ToiletTree oral irrigator, which had some flaws. They redesigned it with the improvements and came out with a great product that also made our of best electric flosser list.

First of all, this oral irrigator is convenient for traveling as it is cordless and rechargeable.

Like Waterpik ToiletTree irrigator is easy to use. To get the best water floss, you can use the easy-to-rotate nozzle and direct the water flow in the needed areas.

It features three settings and two nozzles so you can adjust it to your needs. It’s also very effective at cleaning around bridges, implants, and braces.

This model is available in three colors: black, white and grey.


Waterpik WP-660 Aquarius Professional Water Flosser

Waterpik WP-660 Aquarius Professional Water Flosser

Another great water flosser by the popular brand in this industry, Waterpik. This is one of the most advanced water flossers on the market. It features a compact and stylish design.

Waterpik Aquarius uses pulsation mode technology that provides effective plaque removal, gum stimulation, and also improves circulation.

You can control the water pressure by making adjustments to the available 10 settings. The model also offers two modes of operation: floss and hydro-pulse massage modes.

The 1-minute timer on Waterpik Aquarius will help you to make the flossing more thorough. All the details of operation you can view on the LED information panel.

The model includes 7 tips: 3 classic tips, toothbrush, orthodontic tips, plaque seeker and a pik pocket.


Panasonic Oral Irrigator EW-DJ10-A

Panasonic Oral Irrigator EW-DJ10-A

This is also one of the most popular oral irrigators on the market. It’s also easy to use and great for traveling as it is cordless and battery powered.

Panasonic EW-DJ10-A does 1600 pulses per minute, which will leave your mouth spotless and without any food stuck between your teeth. It features two water flow settings that you can control and a 165 ml water tank.

It’s powered by AA batteries, so if you’re traveling, there wont be any bulky charger or charger stand. When not in use, the oral irrigator can also be compressed to half of its size, which is another benefit for travelling.


  • QuickBreeze Oral Irrigator
  • 4.4 Customer rating
  • Tips: 2
  • Settings: 1
  • Price: $
  • ShowerBreeze w/ 6' Hose Water Jet Dental Irrigator
  • 4.5 Customer rating
  • Tips: 2
  • Settings: 1
  • Price: $
  • Waterpik Waterflosser for Kids
  • 4.4 Customer rating
  • Tips: 2
  • Settings: 3
  • Price: $
  • ViaJet Pro Irrigator
  • 4.3 Customer rating
  • Tips: 4
  • Settings: 1
  • Price: $

QuickBreeze Dental Oral Irrigator

QuickBreeze Dental Oral Irrigator

QuickBreeze is a product of the OralBreeze brand, which is an American, veteran run company. They have great customer service, so if there’s a problem with the product, you can always contact them and expect a friendly and helpful response.

To use this unit you need to attach it to your faucet and it’s ready. So you can just turn on the tap and start flossing.

The set up and installation is really simple and doesn’t require any tools. The adapter for QuickBreeze oral irrigator will fit most standard US faucets with a removable aerator.

This model comes with two tips of different colors and a tip holder. To prevent damaging gum tissue the QuickBreeze tips use fan spray and not needle spray.


ShowerBreeze w/ 6’ Hose Water Jet Dental Irrigator

ShowerBreeze w/ 6’ Hose Water Jet Dental Irrigator

ShowerBreeze is a dental irrigator by the same OralBreeze brand. This best electric flosser is great because you can also conveniently use it in the shower. It is the top rated water flosser among the shower oral irrigators. It’s also made of high quality and really easy to use.

It shares the same concept of operation as the previous model. However, instead of the faucet it attaches to your showerhead.

For maximum ease and to save time on mornings you can floss right in the shower. This model comes with a 6 foot hose, so you can also pull it across to your sink for use.

To regulate the water pressure, you can adjust the valve on the ShowerBreeze and find the perfect pressure for yourself.

It comes with two tips of red and blue color, allowing two people to use it.


Waterpik Waterflosser for Kids

Waterpik Waterflosser for Kids

The last water flosser review on our list of the top picks is of the Waterpik Waterflosser that’s designed for kids of age 6 to 12. ViaJet Pro Irrigator might not be as innovative as Waterpik water flossers, but it also provides good cleaning effectiveness. Except flossing, it also massages gums and improves blood circulation and will leave your mouth with a fresh and clean feel.

It comes with 4 tips: 2 standard and 2 rubber ones. To adjust water pressure you can control the water knob.


Best Water Flossers Comparison Chart

Product nameTipsSettingsPrice
Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser610$$
ToiletTree 2nd Generation Oral Irrigator23$
Waterpik WP-660 Aquarius Professional Water Flosser710$$
Panasonic Oral Irrigator EW-DJ10-A12$
QuickBreeze Oral Irrigator21$

What Is a Water Flosser? How It Works?

A water flosser is an at home dental device that allows you to floss your teeth with water instead of cotton as is the usual method for flossing teeth. A water flosser can be corded or cordless and comes with a water reservoir so that water can be aimed at the gaps between your teeth at high pressure, resulting in cleaner and healthier teeth and gums. A water flosser can even reach into the gum line to remove any plaque build up that is hidden in the gums.

In order to successfully floss your teeth, a water flosser needs to deliver a high pressure stream of water, and with this stream comes a pulsating motion too. When working together, the high-pressured water and the pulsations remove the debris and plaque that builds up between the teeth and in those difficult to reach places.

Pulsating streams of water are used instead of steady streams of water as this is proven to be more effective. In addition, you will also be able to alter the pressure of the water stream. When you first use a water flosser, you will find that the high-pressure stream can cause your gums to bleed, so you should choose a lower pressure setting to begin with.

Of course, when you clean your teeth, the only parts of the teeth that are actually clean are the surfaces that you can get to easily. The spaces between your teeth are not cleaned sufficiently by a toothbrush alone, and this is why your dentist will tell you to floss regularly along with regular brushing. It can be an annoyance to floss with string floss however, and some people struggle with flossing, especially if they have orthodontic attachments on their teeth such as bridges and braces. Water flossers are far more effective for cleaning these harder to reach areas in the mouth.

When you use a water flosser, you’ll be amazed at just how much cleaner your teeth will be. Over a few weeks of use, you’ll also notice that your gums become less inflamed and if you have gum disease, the water flosser can help to make your gums healthier in just a few weeks. This will mean that your teeth will remain healthy and you will need less dental work, keeping your health care bills as low as possible.

Why Do You Need a Water Flosser?

A water flosser is a dental appliance that uses a high-pressure stream of water to clean the areas in between the teeth. It can also be used to clean any areas that are difficult to get to, for example the spaces around dental braces.

We should all understand the importance of regular brushing, but this is not usually enough to reach all the areas of the mouth. A water flosser is essential if you want to remove plaque and debris from the spaces between your teeth. This will help you to reduce tooth decay, gum disease and even bad breath.

Flossing is never the most fun activity to do. It’s a chore to say the least and can be difficult to master. If you want to make flossing easier, you should consider using a water flosser, as this will remove the hassle and difficulty that you’ll experience with a standard piece of cotton floss. In addition, you’ll be able to reach the places where dental floss can’t usually get to, including those areas around braces.

When you use a water flosser, you’ll be able to enjoy some great advantages. First of all, the flosser will remove any plaque between your teeth, which your toothbrush will not be able to get to. Unlike using dental floss, you’ll also find that your gums won’t bleed. Over time, water flossing can even decrease inflammation in your gums.

Orthodontic implants and attachments are particularly difficult to keep clean. Plaque can easily build up around them and this can cause tooth decay and general damage to the teeth. This is particularly disastrous when the aim of these devices is often to give the teeth a better appearance. Using a water flosser will ensure that you can clean away any plaque and debris, leaving you with the perfect smile when the orthodontic attachments are removed.

How to Choose the Best Water Flosser – Buying Guide

The first thing that you will need to do is determine what type of dental water flosser you will need. This will depend on how much space you have in your bathroom and whether you want the flosser to be portable or not.

  • Portable flosser – If you need a portable solution, you should consider purchasing a cordless flosser. This is a rechargeable unit that does not require any power cables when you are using it. Although they have a smaller reservoir than fixed units, they are a highly portable and space saving solution.
  • Countertop flosser – you can floss continuously for longer with a countertop flosser due to the larger water reservoir, but they are larger and need to be constantly plugged into a power outlet in order to work.
  • Combination – If you are really limited on space, you could choose a toothbrush that is also a water flosser. This would mean it is only necessary to have one device in your home. They have a smaller reservoir than countertop flossers and as a result, you won’t achieve as much flossing time from them, but they do only need one electrical socket and one space on your bathroom shelf.

Water Flosser Features

When you are choosing a water flosser, there are some features that apply to all models. You should choose the model based on the specifications of each of these features.

  • Water pressure – You will be able to alter the force of the water flossing spray. If you are a beginner, you will need to be able to choose a low pressure so that your bums can get used to the force and the sensation. Over time however, you’ll need to increase the pressure too, so you should ensure that you choose the model that offers the greatest water pressure range. Remember that fixed countertop units are more likely to offer the highest pressures.
  • Water Reservoir – The reservoir is the chamber where water is stored so that it can then be forced into a stream to floss your teeth. A cordless water flosser usually has a reservoir of around 7 ounces whilst countertop flossers can hold 5 times as much. This is the difference between experiencing 45 seconds of flossing time and over 90 seconds of flossing time.
  • Multiple Users – You don’t need to worry about your water flosser being used by just one person. Everyone in your household will be able to use the water flosser without any concerns about hygiene. The tips are removable so that you can change to your own personal tip and the next person who wishes to use the flosser will be able to use their own tip too.
  • Voltage – Depending on where you purchase the water flosser from, you should take care to ensure that it is indeed safe for use with the power outlets in your country. Water flossers that are sold in the US and Canada are designed to be used with standard American power outlets. If you want to travel with your water flosser, you should purchase one that is compatible with international power supplies.

Types of Water Flossers

  • Countertop Flossers

    Countertop flossers generally have more settings so that you can have more control over pressure. They have larger water reservoirs too and come with plenty of advanced features. You can purchase different sizes of countertop water flossers so that you can get the most out of your appliance.

    The larger water reservoir capacity of countertop flossers means that you can use it continually for 90 seconds or more without needing to wait for the reservoir to be filled again. This offers you greater convenience.

    Around 6 to 10 different water pressure settings are included with countertop water flossers, giving you advanced control of the water pressure. This not only allows you to customize your cleaning experience, but you will also be able to increase the pressure more steadily, which makes these flossers ideal for new users. The pressure of these flossers starts from around 10 PSI and increases to around 100 PSI.

    In order to control the flosser with ease, you will be able to use the integrated controls on the handle. These allow you to turn the flosser on and off as well as offering a pause control so that you can save water.

  • Cordless Flossers

    If you want to have a water flosser that is portable and small, then a cordless flosser is for you. They are ideal for smaller bathrooms and can be stored in the smallest of storage areas.

    In comparison to countertop flossers, you will find that there is a smaller reservoir to store water and this will mean that you will have to refill the reservoir sooner. You will also notice that there is a slightly lower pressure from a cordless water flosser.

    On the other hand, cordless water flossers are lightweight and can be taken anywhere with you. If you like to travel for example, you will be able to take your cordless water flosser with you.

  • Combination Flossers

    A combination flosser not only brings you a great flossing experience, but in addition, you will be able to use the device to clean your teeth at the same time as flossing.

    Some of these combination flossers combine sonic brushing technology with flossing action so that your teeth can be as clean as possible. One of the most obvious advantages of having one of these combination flossers is that you will be able to save on counter space and electrical outlets, as you will be using just one device instead of two.

Tips for First Time Water Flosser Users

If you have just purchased a water flosser without ever having used one before, you may be unsure of what to do. In actual face, using a water flosser isn’t a particularly difficult task. You just need to know a few simple steps so that you can get started.

The first thing you will need to do is to prepare the water reservoir. This is a small tank that is integrated with the flosser and it provides the water for the flossing procedure. The reservoir can usually be removed so that you can fill and empty it properly. You should only ever fill the reservoir with lukewarm water. Once you have done this, you can place it back on the flosser base, making sure that you press it down firmly.

Now you should choose the tip that you want to use. Attach it to the water flosser handle and ensure that there is no gap between the tip and the handle.

Before you use your water flosser for the first time, you should set the pressure to high and point the flosser into the sink. Turn the unit on and wait until water flows from the tip. You can now turn it off and you’re ready to use it.

As you have never used a water flosser before, you will need to give your gums time to adjust to the pressure. When you first use it, you should turn the pressure control down to the lowest setting. As you start to get used to the flosser, you will be able to increase the pressure as required.

When you are using the water flosser, you will be able to press the Pause button on the handle. This will allow you to stop the stream of water momentarily until you are ready to use it again. This will prevent all the water from draining from the reservoir.

You should place the water flosser tip in your mouth, and close your lips around it before you turn the flosser on. This will prevent water from escaping out into the room. You should ensure that your lips are loose enough to let the used water run out of your mouth and into the sink.

The stream of water should be aimed towards your gum line at an angle of around 90 degrees for the best results. Start at the back of the mouth and continue to the front. Take a couple of seconds longer at each tooth space.

Bottom Line

Flossing might seem difficult but it’s important to regularly do it to prevent tooth decay and gum disease and a great way to ease the task is to use a water flosser.

Flossing with a water flosser can be especially useful for people with braces as it is not that easy to properly clean between all the teeth. However, it’s still important to maintain proper orthodontic care to keep a healthy mouth. People that wear braces are more prone to get gum disease from plaque formation if not taking proper cleaning. So while the braces are realigning the teeth it takes more time and effort to ensure good and healthy oral hygiene. Using a water flosser makes the whole of flossing with braces a whole lot easier.

For smaller kids the most suitable water flosser is the Waterpik for Kids, while for older kids, teenagers and adults the Waterpik Ultra is recommended.

The above mentioned water flossers are the top products we have found online but finding the best water flosser depends on your personal needs. These top models we have found are the most reviewed and top rated water flossers. We hope our reviews were helpful and you will find the best one for your use. Don’t forget, flossing every day is very important.

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