Icing Teeth Whitening Reviews

The today’s oral care products market is overflowing with varieties of solutions for teeth whitening. There’re many products that allow the consumers to get whitening results without going for professional treatment. However, not all solutions give equally effective results. One of the latest methods that has claimed effectiveness and easy use is the icing teeth whitening method. But does it really whiten the teeth and is it safe for home bleaching. Read our Icing Teeth Whitening Reviews below to find out.

Icing Teeth Whitening Reviews

How Effective Is It?

This relatively new whitening technology was introduced by Dr. Raymond Frye. It promises to whiten your teeth and at the same time protect them. There’re several products available.

Icing Advanced Teeth Whitening System

Icing Advanced Teeth Whitening System

This whitening system features a formula in which it has the combination of carbamide peroxide and potassium nitrate to minimize tooth sensitivity. It comes with custom trays that you can mold to fit your teeth. The kit except the trays also includes 2 syringes with 3ml of formula. This is enough to last up to 8 sessions with each one lasting 60-90 minutes. An included accelerator light is supposed to enhance the whitening result.

The recommended use for this Icing Advanced product is once a day after brushing your teeth. During the process you should avoid consuming drinks and food, and avoid swallowing the gel.

According to the manufacturer’s claims, this icing teeth whitening system will give up to 5 shades brighter teeth whitening results. However, this product hasn’t received that many good reviews by the users. There were a couple of good feedback reviews. The customers saw their teeth getting a few shades whiter, though not 5 shades. But mostly the customers were unhappy with the results with some experiencing gum inflammation.


How Does the Icing Teeth Whitening Method Work?

The active bleaching agent in the icing teeth whitening systems is usually either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. In some products it’s also used in combination with potassium nitrate. The concentration is similar to that of a standard whitening gel, but the whitening effect is increased with the special technology.

The packages of the icing teeth whitening systems usually include syringes with the formula and the molding trays to which you apply the formula.


There’re a couple of other packages of icing teeth whitening systems available, all by the Dr. Raymond brand. For some people this system might work. It’s not very high priced and some of the users did see results after regular use.

However, we would recommend choosing one of the more popular and more effective systems. One of the best alternatives would be the Crest 3D Whitestrips, which is one of the best teeth whitening methods available for home use. They’re also affordable and are one of the best sellers in the home teeth whitening product category. They’re easier to use and provide faster results. If you have sensitive teeth, whitening process might be more complicated but there’re also products that will help you achieve the perfect smile. In this article we have listed a few of the good products for those who experience sensitivity. They contain certain ingredients that help to combat the issue.

You can also check our article of the top picks on the market of whitening products. If you want to check precise categories of products, read our reviews of the best products among the whitening mouthwash, toothpaste, or strips. We hope that in our icing teeth whitening reviews you have found the information that helped you to decide if it’s the right product for your teeth whitening needs.


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