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Pros: 6 modes for more custom cleaning. 3 brush heads included. The featured 3D action cleaning technology. Sleek and modern design.
Cons: high price

Product Specifications

The Oral B 7000 Precision Black electric toothbrush is probably the best and most advanced powered brush today. So if you’re looking for the best electric toothbrush, this could be a very good choice. It’s made by the most popular brand, which has well recommended itself in the oral care industry. Its products are highly recommended by many dentists worldwide. What makes this toothbrush so great is the amount of useful features it’s packed with and its amazing cleaning power. To take a deeper look into its benefits, read on our Oral B 7000 review below.

This is a top-notch model. The only other electric toothbrush that can compete with its advanced features is the Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean (also check out our Sonicare vs Oral B comparison), which is also one of the top electric toothbrushes.

Oral-B Precision Black 7000 Reviewed

3D Cleaning Action

Cleaner teeth are achieved with better cleaning practices. Many people opt for electric toothbrushes for such reasons as more effective cleaning and doing so with less effort. Most of the powered toothbrushes available today only use oscillations and rotations in the operation of their toothbrush. However, Oral-B Precision Black 7000 features not just double but triple cleaning action, adding to those movements also pulsations.

With this unique combination it provides results with twice cleaner results than brushing with a manual brush. Oral B 7000 series clean every crevice of the mouth and all the hard to reach areas. All you need to do is guide the brush along your teeth as it does all the cleaning.

Oral B 7000 Review

Cleaning Modes

This electric toothbrush was designed so that any person, with any oral health needs could use it. It offers 6 cleaning modes that you can customize to your own preference. These 6 modes include the following:

  • Daily Clean: this mode is for general brushing on a daily basis. It’s suitable for those who have normal teeth without any teeth related problems.
  • Deep Clean: this mode features more vigorous strokes for providing maximum reduction of plaque and germs. This mode can be used for whitening the teeth and getting deeper between the teeth for proper cleaning. This mode should be used for 3 minutes of brushing instead of 2. It features 45-second timers for each of the quadrants.
  • Sensitive: as the name suggests this mode is ideal for those who have sensitive gums or teeth. It provides gentle action with low speed of operation, though still provides adequate and effective cleaning.
  • Whitening: this mode effectively clears away stains from the teeth. After a few weeks of brushing with this Oral B black 7000 brush, you will see an improvement of your teeth getting several shades brighter. If you’re looking to whiten your teeth, more effective would be using products specifically designed for this purpose. We have a review of best products for teeth whitening here.
  • Massage: using this mode you can massage and stimulate the painful gums or teeth. It will ease the pain and at the same time provide their cleaning.
  • Tongue Cleaner: using this mode allows you to destroy the bacteria from the tongue and at the same time get rid of bad breath. Tongue cleaning is often overlooked, but it’s also important for oral health and improvement of bad breath.


oral b 7000 review


To help and guide you through proper brushing, the Oral B Precision Clean 7000 features a wireless small device called the SmartGuide. It features timers and a pressure sensor. It’s a personal guide that gives recommendations for correct brushing.

Pressure Sensor

If a person brushes his or her teeth too hard and applies too much pressure, this can cause bleeding gums and the wearing down of the bristles. Oral B 7000 is equipped with a built-in pressure sensor. It helps the users maintain the appropriate and ideal amount of pressure when brushing the teeth. Every time the user applies more pressure then needed, the toothbrush gives an alerting sound.


Everyone knows that proper brushing needs 2 minutes. However, most people don’t track and time their brushing. But it’s very important and dentists recommend it. To remove all the plaque in the mouth it takes 2 minutes. To help you with this, Oral B Black 7000 incorporates a timer. After you choose a mode, the timer will set for 2 minutes (for Deep Clean 3 minutes) and will also time every 30 seconds of brushing telling when to move on to the next quadrant.

Oral B 7000

The Brush Heads

To make it east for any person to use it, for people with different oral care needs, Oral B 7000 comes with 3 refill brush heads. Oral B has other brush heads among their products, such as Ortho, Dual Clean and others. Oral B Precision Clean 7000 toothbrush can also be used with any of them but they will need to be purchased separately. It includes the following:

  1. Soft: this soft brush head is good for everyday brushing and ideal for those who have sensitive teeth. You can use it together with sensitive mode for more gentle brushing.
  2. Floss Action: with this brush head you can floss and brush your teeth at the same time. It will help to remove plaque and any left food particles deep between the teeth.
  3. Polishing: to whiten your teeth you can use this brush head and set the brush on whitening mode. This brush head is not ideal for plaque removal, but effective for making a brighter smile.

Oral-B Precision Black 7000 Review


The toothbrush comes with a charging station, which also has storage space for up to 4 brush heads. With regular daily use of the brush, after being fully charged, the toothbrush can operate for up to 10 days. For travelling with the brush, it also comes with a handy premium travel case, which has a nice stylish design.


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Oral B 7000 has a nice sleek design but its appearance is not the only benefit. It’s equipped with best features for perfect teeth cleaning and keeping the gums healthy. This electric toothbrush is a one of the pricier ones but for the money it gives excellent quality, and probably some of the best available. It offers a plethora of modes, additional brush heads and the brushing guide that will help you maintain proper dental hygiene.

This electric toothbrush was very well reviewed by many users and given a high rating of 4.4. Many commented in the their Oral B 7000 review on how their teeth are feeling much cleaner and fresher after each time they use this brush. Everyone is listing its many modes and brush heads among the benefits of this Oral B 7000.

If you’ve been looking for the best electric toothbrush available today on the market, this is the one. We hope that in our Oral B 7000 review you have found the needed information in your search.